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Ron Hunter contrasts Georgia State with Cincinnati using...Wendy’s and hotels

The affable Panthers coach is gameday ready.

NCAA Basketball: Georgia State at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Georgia State Panthers Head Coach Ron Hunter is prone to creating some of modern college basketball’s most memorable moments (you all remember when he fell out of his chair after his son led GSU to an upset Baylor of in 2015).

Now that his Panthers have returned to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since pulling that stunner, Hunter is back to providing the college basketball landscape with more quotable, standout moments.

This time, it’s Hunter’s words—not his actions—that are earning him some attention.

The Panthers have been in this position before, and they clearly relish playing the part of the March underdog. Hunter has prepared teams for upsets before, and perhaps he’s following the same playbook.

Clearly he is getting his team in the mindset that no matter the disparities between them and the Cincinnati Bearcats, it’s what takes place on the court that will actually define them.

Hunter is an absolute gem.

Oh, and he likes Wendy’s, which is a good place to eat.