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Buffalo blitzes No. 4 Arizona in Boise


Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival 2015 Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

On paper, this 4-13 matchup looked like one of these teams was wildly underseeded. The favored Arizona Wildcats rolled through their second-straight Pac-12 Tournament, had a somewhat-favorable West-coast draw and had prospective first-overall pick Deandre Ayton in the post.

Instead, the Buffalo Bulls looked like the under-seeded team in an 89-68 game that capped off a particularly ugly season for the Pac-12.

Thanks to 20-point outings from Jeremy Harris and Wes Clark, the Bulls torched the Wildcats (and thousands of brackets) by shooting 15-30 from beyond the arc.

Unlike most teams that played Arizona this season, the Bulls had an answer for Deandre Ayton. They packed the paint against Ayton, neutralizing the second coming of [fill in any NBA center here with impressive footwork] to a glorified screener. Better yet, the Bulls out-rebounded Arizona and its pair of seven-footers to win the battle of the boards 32-31.

KenPom gave Buffalo a 29% chance at pulling the upset. Instead, the Bulls will take on fifth-seeded Kentucky on Saturday night.