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It’s cool to rock a Marshall t-shirt, so get in on the fun

Like the Thundering Herd, BreakingT comes through in the clutch.

Marshall stole the show on the second day of the 2018 NCAA Tournament with its upset of No. 4 Wichita State.

Jon Elmore’s 27 points weren’t the only thing grabbing eyeballs across the country. Dan D’Antoni’s t-shirt/blazer combination stood out, as it has throughout the season. His players give it rave reviews.

“We think it looks good, man, you see a lot of people crackin’ on him, chanting where’s your tie and stuff like that,” guard Jon Elmore said earlier in the week before he scored a team-high 27 points in the win. “But he’s comfortable and thinks it’s a good look and we’ve all accepted it and think it looks good. So more power to him.”

Guard C.J. Burks added: “It does look good. It’s very in style. It’s a different style. It’s a very well-liked. It looks different, so he likes it a lot and he’s very comfortable. Looks very good.”


We’ve got good news for you. Courtesy of our friends at BreakingT, you can get this snazzy t-shirt while celebrating Marshall’s 13/4 upset special.

Now we just need to figure out how to get D’Antoni in one of these.