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NCAA Tournament First Round: UMBC Retrievers become first 16 seed to defeat a 1 seed with win over Virginia

At long last, a victory for the ultimate underdogs.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Virginia vs UMBC Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

135-1. The 16 seeds have finally found themselves a victory in the NCAA Tournament

We’ve been waiting for this day for generations. We spend years discussing which team it would be who finally does the unthinkable: upsetting a 1 seed in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

For days, people have been saying that this could be the year, as Penn looked like a skilled team ripe for an upset. That wasn’t meant to be, though, as Kansas handled them easily.

As it turns out, we had the right mindset; our sights were set on the wrong team though.

Indeed, the long wait has ended. History can finally exhale and exalt this storyline for eons.

The UMBC Retrievers — a 16 seed — are advancing to the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament after taking down the Virginia Cavaliers, 74-54.

It wasn’t even close.

It was exactly what needed to happen for a 16 seed seed to take over and defeat a 1 seed like Virginia. UMBC was knocking down three after three, and they were beating the Cavaliers on the boards. It was exactly what our own Ben Goren has been predicting on Twitter all week long.

For a team such as Virginia, which is easily able to find itself in trouble against a team that can’t miss from long range, this was the worst-case scenario.

For people who crave upsets, mid-major victories, and general chaos, things could not have been better.

Look at that. Watch that and dare to tell me that this is not a team of destiny, propelled by fate and a beautiful will to defy the odds and create a moment in time capable of enrapturing an entire legion of viewers.

There’s no denying that tonight was a quintessential college basketball “where were you when?” moment. People will no doubt remember where they were when Jairus Lyles knocked down 3 threes and scored 28 points against Virginia. No one will dare forget Joe Sherburne scorching the nets in front of a national audience.

Relish this moment. Soak it in. It has been a long time coming, and we may not witness something so special—so miraculous—for quite some time.

This is a national day of celebration, my friends. The unthinkable has become the attainable. Everyone everywhere should do one simple thing: