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A whole bunch of firsts in UMBC’s shocking win over Virginia

It was more than just the first 16 over a 1.

Blizzard Barrels Into Northeastern U.S. Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

16 seed UMBC beat 1 seed Virginia tonight. That happened. Really. It happened. And ultimately, it wasn’t even close, with the Retrievers running away with a 74-54 win.

Virginia was the best defensive team in the nation and that defense held up against teams like Duke, North Carolina, and West Virginia, but it failed them against the mighty Retrievers.

Naturally, there were plenty of firsts and “mosts” tonight. Here are a few of the things UMBC accomplished:

  • First team to score 70 points on Virginia all year
  • Largest margin of victory over Virginia all year (20), though UVA only lost three times
  • Largest lead over Virginia this season (20)
  • Most threes made against Virginia all year (12)
  • Best field goal percentage against Virginia all year (54.2%)
  • First win for UMBC over an ACC team ever
  • More wins against ACC teams than Pitt

Not to mention the most obvious first:

The first 16 seed to ever beat a 1 seed, and it was over the overall No. 1 seed

If there’s anything else we should add to this, let us know. There’s gotta be more.

Here are videos of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers being good dogs.