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Eric Musselman is dominating March on and off the court

The Nevada head coach is quickly becoming a household name.

NCAA Basketball: Colorado State at Nevada Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Since taking over at Nevada at the start of the 2015-16 season, Eric Musselman has amassed a record of 81-28 in just three seasons. His first season on college sidelines resulted in a CBI championship, which provided a springboard for the Wolf Pack’s run to the Sweet 16 this year.

Still fairly new to coaching at the college level, Musselman is quickly turning Nevada into a national power. His prowess on the recruiting trail — especially on the transfer market — is well-known by now, and he’s reaping the benefits this March. His Nevada Wolf Pack have reached the Sweet 16for the first time since 2004.

For as much success as Musselman is finding on the court, he’s making just as many headlines off the court.

Following Nevada’s exhilarating overtime win against Texas in the First Round, Musselman was understandably fired the hell up in the locker room. He was so fired up, he let loose with some profanity and someone at TBS forgot to turn the mic off. The result? One of the funniest clips you’ll see all March.

What a game, indeed.

Musselman’s off-the-court antics didn’t stop there. His press conference the day after that comeback win featured a question about one of Musselman’s in-game habits: taking very frequent drinks of whatever beverage he chooses to keep on the sideline.

When posed with the question regarding his drinking habits and whether they could present a situation in which he’d have to leave the sidelines to relieve himself. It turns out that yes, it could be a problem for Muss:

They’re small sips that I’m taking. As you get older, you’ve got to use the bathroom a little bit more. And so I do worry, especially when the timeouts are longer in this tournament. It’s been a great concern of mine. Our staff’s well prepared in case I have to leave. So far, so good, though.

Musselman might not be the biggest star in his own family, though. His daughter Mariah is already more polished with the media than most in college basketball. Her in-game interview with Jamie Erdahl stole the hearts of many across the nation:

The aspiring sports broadcaster showed she already has a knack for being on camera, and it might not stop there. The only person that might have captured more hearts is Loyola Chicago’s Sister Jean, and the two worlds could be colliding soon. Danyelle Musselman teased a possible Mariah/Sister Jean interview yesterday on her Twitter:

Last but not least, Musselman’s signature move seems to betaking his shirt off following big wins. It started following that CBI championship in 2016, and has continued to be Musselman’s go-to celebration. Here’s the scene following Nevada’s regular season Mountain West title:

What better way to celebrate an absurd 22-point comeback win over a 2 seed than to take your shirt off and get doused with water?

Thanks to the madness of March, Nevada has a legitimate shot at making it to the Final Four. A matchup with 11 seed Loyola Chicago awaits them tomorrow night. Win that, and they’ll be tasked with taking down a set of Wildcats from Kentucky or Kansas State.

Nevada has the talent to do it. That much we know. The country needs more Eric Musselman in its life. It needs Eric Musselman ripping his shirt off as his team cuts down the nets en route to the Final Four. It desperately needs a week’s worth of soundbites that would result from a trip to San Antonio.

That’s what the 2018 college basketball season needs. It needs Eric Musselman doing fun things on and off the court.