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NCAA Commission on College Basketball: Read the full report

The commission recommended changes to how the sport views eligibility, agents, and more.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-NCAA President Press Conference Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA’s Commission on College Basketball released its full report on Wednesday, detailing its proposal to fix the problems facing the sport that were brought to light by the ongoing FBI investigation, as well as scandals at high-major universities across the country.

The full report, which is linked below, does not include any major surprises. It calls for an end to the NBA’s one-and-done rule, for un-drafted students to retain their college eligibility, for increased regulations on certified agents, and for more transparency from shoe companies and other travel basketball organizations. It also calls for harsher penalties for universities, coaches, and outside officials who violate NCAA rules.

While the report does not recommend athletes to be compensated — a key area of debate among fans and media alike — it does likely represent at least some shift in the right direction as the sport tries to clean itself up.

Read the whole thing here:

Commission Report_Final_Web.pdf