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College basketball offseason: Important dates to watch, from the NBA Draft to The Basketball Tournament

Here’s everything you have to look forward to until November.

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is here and I’m as sad about it as you are. No more college basketball games. No more buzzer-beaters. And almost no more fun.


There’s still plenty to watch over the next few months that will help shape the 2018-19 season, both in college and the pros — with a dash of big-money basketball along the way for entertainment.

Here’s a full list of the dates you need to know to get you through the summer:

College basketball offseason: Key dates

July 6-17: NBA Summer League
July 11-15: Adidas Gauntlet Finale and Peach Jam
July 11-15: Recruiting Live Period
July 13-15 TBT Regionals
July 18-22: Recruiting Live Period
July 20-22: TBT Regionals
July 25-27: Under Armour Association finals
July 25-29: Recruiting Live Period
July 26-29: TBT Super 16
August 2-3: TBT Finals
September 25: Earliest practice date
November 6: Season begins