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How Chandler Hutchison can help the Chicago Bulls

This is what the 22nd pick brings to the table.

NCAA Basketball: UNLV at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls selected Boise State wing Chandler Hutchison with the 22nd pick, addressing their need for a wing player. A huge senior season vaulted Hutchison into the first-round discussion, and the Bulls made good on their reported promise to take Hutchison if he was still available.

Hutchison epitomizes that guy who improved every year in college. He went from a role player getting spot minutes as a freshman and turned himself into a do-it-all wing for Boise State. During his senior year campaign, he averaged 20 points per game, as well as over seven rebounds and three assists per contest.

Unlike the bevy of NBA prospects who still need a year or two to develop into a player that’s ready to contribute, Hutchison should be able to contribute right away. At 6’7 with a 7’1 wingspan, he brings great size to his position. He shouldn’t have any problem sliding in at either position on the wing, and could even play some small-ball four in a pinch. He’s got the build of a guy that could be an ideal defender in the modern NBA.

Hutchison’s greatest offensive skill as a prospect right now is his ability to get to the rim. He took nearly a third of his shots at the rim, converting on over 70 percent of those attempts.

His fluidity as an athlete and ability to handle the ball allows him to penetrate into the heart of a defense. He’s a capable passer, and could be a potential playmaker off the bounce if he continues to refine his handle. He displayed his full offensive arsenal in this game against San Diego State last year:

The big question mark for Hutchison is his jump shot. It’s not broken, by any means, but he’s going to have to prove he can hit jump shots at a consistent level if he’s going to earn the respect of opposing defenses. He went from 28 percent to 36 percent from three-point range in his senior year, so he’s shown that he’s capable of making improvements. The question is if that will continue to improve and if that will translate to the next level.

Overall, this should be considered a safe pick by the Bulls. Is he going dominate games and carry a team? Probably not. But he can absolutely be a guy who’s a part of a winning team for years to come. Look for him to give the Bulls good minutes starting on Opening Night.