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WATCH: Belmont star Dylan Windler quizzes strangers about basketball

Willie Dindler catches civilians of Nashville off guard.

NCAA Basketball: Belmont at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Dylan Windler is one of the most versatile college basketball players in the country. On top of being capable of scoring, rebounding and knocking down outside shots, he’s also capable of performing on camera.

As part of a Belmont All-Access feature video, Windler went “undercover” as Willie Dindler to ask residents of Nashville some college basketball trivia. Take a look.

It turns out that our participants aren’t as familiar with Belmont basketball as they should be. When Windler asked them about the winningest program in Tennessee over the last decade, Belmont’s neighbor Vanderbilt was a common answer. That’s giving way too much credit to Kevin Stallings and Bryce Drew, even for fans that might not be as up to speed with college basketball as some of us.

Per a Belmont press release, Windler was the only player in America last season to average at least 17.0 points, 9.0 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game on 40 percent 3-point shooting. The fans he interviewed, unsurprisingly, didn’t know that! Guesses included Marvin Bagley and Trae Young, which isn’t that surprising given that they were two of the most prominent players in the country last year.

When they were informed that the player in discussion was actually the one conducting the interview, the reactions were great. This guy’s reaction is tremendous.

There you have it. Dylan Windler: great basketball player, even better interviewer.