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WATCH: South Dakota State starts new Jackrabbit Belt tradition

Senior guard Brandon Key took home the inaugural award.

Photo via @GoJacksMBB

Any coach will tell you that coaching involves much more than analyzing the X’s and O’s, running practices and making in-game decisions. Coaches have to not only lead, but also understand how to motivate their players during the minutiae of everyday drills, which, if players are honest with themselves, aren’t nearly as enjoyable as playing under the lights.

South Dakota State head coach T.J. Otzelberger appears to have a found a flashy, rather badass-looking solution to motivating his players’ defense during practice. On Friday, Otzelberger unveiled the Jackrabbit Belt, a title belt given to the player who has the best defensive intensity and effort during practice.

Personally, I never pictured the Jackrabbit logo on a wrestling belt before, but I’m glad that I have:

Senior guard Brandon Key took home the inaugural award, which Otzelberger said he and future award winners could “wear it, hang it in [his] locker, take selfies and wear it while playing Fortnite,” anytime the following week.

Well, maybe not anytime. In the video, sophomore guard David Jenkins asked if he could wear it during practice, which Otzelberger quickly vetoed.

Rest assured we at Mid-Major Madness will be thrilled when Mike Daum wins this award. Photoshopping Daum wearing the Jackrabbit Belt onto our logo is bound to happen.