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WATCH: Saint Louis freshman Carte’Are Gordon destroys a backboard

I don’t care if this was only in practice. This is mesmerizing.

Photo via @SaintLouisMBB

Well, it didn’t take too long for Saint Louis freshman forward Carte’Are Gordon to make his mark on the Atlantic 10.

The four-star recruit made quick work of a backboard in practice on Thursday. I am pro-backboard life and take no pleasure in reporting this, but see for yourself:

Breaking a backboard is an incredibly impressive demonstration of strength, but check out how clean of a break Gordon made. One moment, the backboard is there; the next, nearly the whole thing disappears.

We are all this guy.

Thankfully, Gordon was okay — I mean, backboards are made of glass, after all. But if Gordon can do this to an innocent backboard, then the rest of the Atlantic 10 is officially put on notice.