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Podcast: Brown Bears, Georgia State Panthers, and lots and lots of spiders

Also, what’s the most obscure Division I conference?

NCAA Basketball: Brown at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody asked for it, but we’re giving it to you anyway.

Social editor and everyone’s favorite voice over artist Cam Newton has finally joined the pod.

Cam brought with him some #facts about the Brown Bears to get us started, but as always, the podcast soon went entirely off the rails. Some more discussion points:

  • Justin Wright-Foreman is good
  • So is Georgia State
  • Cam loves spiders
  • What is the most obscure conference in American? What state is Northwestern State in?
  • Let’s shoutout Kenny George
  • We aren’t ranking ETSU, but maybe we should do that
  • Cam gives a 490-minute monologue about the Ohio Valley Conference

So there you have it. If any of that interests you, give it a listen here:

Also be sure to subscribe on iTunes. Rate and review us if you want. If not, Cam will be very sad and we’ll never let him back on the podcast. Don’t do that to Cam.