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Ohio Valley Conference teams as Yankee Candle fragrances

Here’s how you make your home smell like your favorite regional mid-major basketball team.

Luigi Novi

I have some pretty weird interests for a 21-year-old.

I love Civil War history, candles, memorizing Academy Award trivia, NASCAR, and Ohio Valley Conference basketball. During one of my recent shifts at Yankee Candle, I was thinking about some of my interests, and it hit me that I ought to apply my candle knowledge to OVC basketball in order to help fans of the league get a better sense of what smells correspond to their favorite programs.

Hopefully this article can serve as both a basketball fragrance guide as well as a way for me to finally put into writing a lot of useless thoughts that have been confined to my noggin for far too long.

Murray State Racers: Spiced Pumpkin

The Yankee Candle Company

Murray State fans expect the best from their team every season. Due to their impressive tradition of OVC glory, success is something that has come to be expected from this small-conference team; as a result, their fans are some of the most passionate in college basketball.

Similarly, Spiced Pumpkin is a strong scent that is unfathomably popular year after year, thanks largely to its incredibly loyal fans. And, just like Murray State fans, fans of Spiced Pumpkin will always say it’s much better than it actually is.

Eastern Illinois Panthers: Eucalyptus

The Yankee Candle Company

I don’t know if I’ve ever met an EIU fan in real life, whether that be on Twitter or in person. Similarly, I think I’ve only encountered a handful of Eucalyptus fans in my life. It smells like a Halls cough drop, and that’s just not something I’d enjoy burning in my house.

But it’s a Returning Favorite, meaning it’s brought back every once in a while because someone is clamoring for it, I guess. This is kind of like how the Panthers qualify for the OVC Tournament once in a blue moon.

Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles: April Showers

The Yankee Candle Company

April Showers is a pleasing, fresh scent that has a hint of zest on top of some nice melon notes. Tennessee Tech has a fresh roster, as they’re one of the youngest teams in the country. Plus, April Showers could also refer to the fact that come springtime, TTU is often found crying because of its lack of NCAA Tournament inclusion.

Belmont Bruins: Farmer’s Market

The Yankee Candle Company

I mean, this is my favorite scent in the whole wide world soooo...duh.

Morehead State Eagles: Beach Wood

The Yankee Candle Company

The last time the Eagles made the NCAA Tournament was in 2011, when they made the Round of 32 after upsetting Louisville. Since then, the best finish they’ve had was as Runner-Up in the 2016 CBI.

Much like Morehead State, Beach Wood hasn’t been relevant for a few years now, but when it does decide to reemerge, it’s one of the best scents on the market. Perhaps the same will be said of Morehead State when Preston Spradlin gets a few seasons under his belt.

Jacksonville State Gamecocks: Sicilian Lemon

The Yankee Candle Company

Jacksonville State is a team that gets its wins via its stellar defensive play, smothering teams and forcing beaucoup turnovers. Sicilian Lemon is a potent scent that packs a strong punch. It smells exactly how it sounds, although it’s a bit too Lemon Pledge-esque for my taste. Overall It’s what I like to call a “bathroom scent,” as it’s best for defending against and smothering some rather undesirable odors.

Eastern Kentucky Colonels: Lavender

The Yankee Candle Company

This scent is a one-man show, and the titular plant is the star. It has a powerful throw, but it doesn’t win over a huge amount of people. However, those who take the time to burn it will typically be quite pleased by the calming aroma it emits.

Similarly, EKU is a team built around Nick Mayo, who is often overlooked by casual fans. But, if one takes the time to actually watch EKU play, they’ll be rewarded with a thrilling performance from him.

Austin Peay Governors: Blue Twilight Storm

The Yankee Candle Company

Austin Peay is a team steeped in tradition, thanks in large part to the leadership of former Head Coach Dave Loos. However, it’s the young Terry Taylor whose leadership has propelled the Governors to unexpected success as of late.

Released this past fall, Blue Twilight Storm gives a new twist to a classic patchouli-based fragrance blend. It combines scents of yore with new scent combinations in order to make something truly remarkable. In that way, it truly is the perfect analogy for APSU.

Southeast Missouri State Redhawks: Sweet Nothings

The Yankee Candle Company

It’s the only scent that perfectly describes SEMO’s hopes of ending their prodigious NCAA Tournament drought.

UT Martin Skyhawks: Buttercream

The Yankee Candle Company

In 2016 and 2017, UT Martin finished in first place of the OVC West Division, giving them a great shot at winning the conference tournament due to the league’s strange bracket format. However, they came up just short both times, belying how successful those seasons really were for the team.

Along those same lines, Buttercream is always the bridesmaid but never the bride, as fans of sweet scents tend to always gravitate towards Vanilla Cupcake instead. However, Buttercream has its own loyal fanbase who knows the truth about how delectable a fragrance it really is.

Tennessee State Tigers: Candy Cane Lane

The Yankee Candle Company

Tennessee State is currently in their first season under new Head Coach Penny Collins, a man who is known for his top-notch in-game fashion. Candy Cane Lane (which delightfully smells like Andes Mints) is a perfect match then, as its label is perhaps the coolest made by Yankee.

Additionally, just like Tennessee State, this scent stops being a good one after December.

SIU Edwardsville Cougars: Onion

The Stinky Candle Company

It’s not Yankee, but it’s the closest thing on the market to an SIUe candle.