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WATCH: Ja Morant posterizes a poor Eastern Illinois player

Alternatively: Condolences to Lucas Jones.

Murray State v West Virginia Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Murray State sophomore guard Ja Morant added another highlight dunk to his rapidly-growing season highlight reel during an 83-61 win over Eastern Illinois on Thursday night.

In case you missed it — or you’re Eastern Illinois forward Lucas Jones, who would rather not relive getting dunked on — watch the dunk here. Then watch it again:

There are several absolutely mind-blowing parts of this dunk, notably where Morant takes off...

...and this ludicrous, wildly flamboyant cock-back.

But perhaps the most impressive part is how seamless Morant made the dunk seem. Morant unloaded this thunderous dunk as effortlessly as mere mortals like you and I would turn on a faucet or flip a light switch. For those who have been watching Morant’s career, this athleticism comes as no surprise. To quote my colleague Chris Schutte, who wrote about Morant earlier this month,

Above all else, Morant’s freakish athleticism is his greatest calling card. Few defenders in college basketball can match his combination of speed, quickness, and leaping ability.

Safe to say Morant’s speed, quickness and leaping ability were on display in that dunk.

Aside from the dunk, Morant flirted with a double-double with his 27 point, nine assist effort.