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Podcast: Buffalo’s loss, weekend preview, and grapes

What other things can we make pies out of?

NCAA Basketball: Davidson at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

What’s this? ANOTHER episode of the Mid-Major Madness podcast this week? WOW, you’re lucky! Russ, Chris, and Cam are back, and after a brief discussion about grapes and other fruits, they delve into the world of mid-major basketball as it stands today. First up: Northern Illinois’ impressive win over Buffalo. How’d the Huskies do it and will the committee over-react (yes)?

And more, including...

  • Vermont’s loss without Anthony Lamb: The Catamounts have three (3) Duncans, which is cool.
  • A 2-bid SoCon? Wofford has a resume that will be worth looking at if it gets knocked out of the SoCon tournament.
  • A dream that Cam had once: It involved Oprah.
  • A Big 5 Showdown: Can Penn win the Big 5 outright?
  • Davidson vs. Saint Louis and other weekend previews.
  • We let Cam talk about Kentucky. Kentucky is good, it seems.
  • We didn’t preview Belmont-Murray State because I’m as shocked as you are that we got this podcast up before that game.

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