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Video: Chris Clemons beats Radford at the buzzer. Again.

Chris Clemons owns Radford again

NCAA Basketball: Campbell at Georgetown Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Radford has a bad case of the Chris Clemons. A very bad case.

Last year on Jan. 21, Radford lost to Campbell on a Chris Clemons buzzer-beater. A 22-point performance was mostly remembered because of the last three points. The next time they faced off, Radford beat them by 19, but Clemons still scored 19 points. The two teams matched up again on Wednesday night and Clemons did it again.

The nation’s leading scorer put a dagger in the hearts of Radford fans and ended their 14-game Big South winning streak that began last year. To make things even more Clemons-ish, he scored 28 of his 39 points in the second half. This is his third-highest-scoring performance this season and the eighth time he’s scored over 30 in a game this year.

The win pushed Campbell above Hampton in the Big South standings. Radford still stays in first place, but there are a few more games and Clemons moments left in the season.