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Samford Bulldogs issue Twitter challenge to fans following Thursday’s Karl Hess incident

Let’s make this shirt happen, people.

Samford Men’s Basketball

“I’m 6’9, probably 280 right now. Not a lot of people step to me.”

By now, it’s more than likely that you’ve heard the above quote that was given by Samford Bulldogs head coach Scott Padgett following his team’s 81-72 loss to East Tennessee State on Thursday night. If you haven’t, a clip from Padgett’s press conference can be found below:

The quote was in reference to the antics of Karl Hess, a referee whose infamy within the college basketball world is well-known and widely catalogued. During the game, Hess confronted Padgett, causing the latter to give the earlier quote about Hess’s tenacity in “stepping to” a man of Padgett’s stature.

Now that both the moment and audio have gone viral, Samford has issued a Twitter challenge for its fans:

That’s right. All they need are 280 retweets, and those shirts will be given out for their game against The Citadel on Jan. 17. Hopefully fans will rise to the occasion and spare a retweet, as these shirts absolutely rule and deserve to see the light of day.

Oh, and if they do make these, I would like one because, well, who doesn’t want a shirt that features a very tall head coach calling out the least popular referee in college hoops?