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Mid-Major Madness and Homefield Apparel have teamed up to bring you the best mid-major shirts on the market

We took our ideas and put them on shirts. You’re welcome.

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You love our brains and the unctuous goo that flows from them to flood your Twitter timelines and laptop screens. Now we’ve got a new medium on which to place our ideas:

Homefield shirts.

That’s right — your favorite website and your favorite apparel company have partnered up to produce the most comfortable mid-major-themed clothing on the market.

Go ahead and visit our page over on their site to check out the designs that are already available for purchase (and make sure you bookmark it, as we’ll be rolling designs out all season long): Mid-Major Madness Collection.

The current lineup for the Mid-Major Madness/Homefield launch.

For those who haven’t heard of Homefield yet, (a) what could you have possibly been doing that was more important, and (b) here’s a quick bio, courtesy of them:

We source only the best fabrics and blanks, testing them by wearing them ourselves multiple times to ensure quality. All design and printing is done in the heartland, Indianapolis.

I personally have multiple Homefield shirts, and I can attest to both their comfort and stylishness. They’re good guys, they do great work, and we’re proud to be teaming up with them.