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New Orleans fears no one, and Mark Slessinger is going to tweet until we know that

Sometimes Twitter is good.

New Orleans v St John’s Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Tonight, while I was in the midst of doing my typical routine of disregarding law school homework because I got sucked down a mid-major basketball rabbit hole, I stumbled upon an interesting graphic charting college basketball teams based on their non-conference strength of schedule and their Kenpom rank. It’s worth taking a look at:

Naturally, my eyes were drawn to the outliers, with the New Orleans Privateers standing out in particular. This is largely due to their non-conference strength of schedule being tougher than that of any other team as well as their relatively low Kenpom rank.

Thus, the following tweet was sent out:

It got its likes and its retweets before it slipped from my mind as other posts popped into my head about everything from the World Series to fighting angry Alabama fans.

That was until, as I was nestled snugly into bed, notifications started popping up. Mark Slessinger, head coach of the New Orleans men’s basketball team (and 2017 Southland Conference Champion) had found the post as well as the reply gif feature.

And boy was it something special, as the coach laid out wait was really kind of a nice, motivational bedtime story: