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Play Silver Sword 5!

Think you know more about college basketball than we do? Prove it.

NCAA Basketball: Maui Invitational-California at Chaminade Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Disclaimer: This is a contest that I have run annually on my own since before I began working with Mid-Major Madness. It is in no way affiliated with the site or SB Nation as a whole. I’m just sharing it here because it’s fun and idk you will probably like it.

We’re a week into the season, which could only mean one thing: Feast Week is almost here, and with it, so is the Silver Sword.

For the fifth consecutive year, YOU will have the opportunity to win cool prizes and, more importantly, prove you know more about college basketball than the Mid-Major Madness staff.

If you’ve never played before, here’s how the Silver Sword works: click on the form here (or just scroll down). Then simply pick who you think will win each November MTE (aka multi-team event, aka tournament). Here’s the catch: Your total possible points depends on how bold you are with your picks. Want to play it safe and go with the favorites? Cool. You’ll probably end up with a lot of correct winners, but they won’t yield you a whole lot of points. Want to be bold and go for the big points? Good for you! Just keep in mind that you get nothing if your pick does not win its tournament.

Thanks to friends, fans, members of the media, and more, this game has grown every year since its inception, and last year, we had over 500 entries. So it’s only fair that we award prizes to the top finishers. We have once again partnered with to reward the top three finishers. They will receive credit toward purchasing whatever throwback college basketball apparel they’d like. First place will receive: $100 in shop credit. Second place: $75. Third place: $50.

Once you enter, you will get a form with all of your responses on them. We will also send regular scoring updates.

Lastly, PLEASE share the game with your friends! You want to beat them too, right? Send them the form and talk about it on social media using #5ilverSword (see what I did there?). Let’s make this our biggest game yet.

Have fun!