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Podcast: Breaking down our preseason All-Americans, auto-bid picks, and playing Cam’s dumb game

Also an entire segment where we Remember Some Guys

Washington v Utah State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Happy College Basketball Season to all!

With the regular season set to tip off on Tuesday, the gang gets together to go through our Mid-Major Madness All-American picks and all the teams we expect to see in the 2020 NCAA Tournament. We even let Kyle run wild and go off about his West Coast Boys because, well, the All-American list is extremely west coast heavy (writeup coming on the site soon as well).

You’ll want to stay tuned after that because we also play a fun game that Cam put together and go EXTREMELY in-depth on his College Hoops 2K8 dynasty with the Maine Black Bears. WHO ELSE IS GIVING YOU CONTENT LIKE THIS?

Note: The audio gets a little mashed together in the final segment. You can still understand everything, but it sounds like we’re talking over each other a little and there are a couple extended silences. We’ll get that fixed on the next one.

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Listen to the full episode below: