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Podcast: Making sense of Feast Week

Obi Toppin.

2019 Maui Invitational - Dayton v Virginia Tech Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

After a technical difficulty-riddled hiatus, we are back, and it’s just in time to make sense of Feast Week.

Since we last spoke, Dayton went out to Maui and decided to look like a Final Four team for a bit, Gonzaga beat a really good Oregon team then got smoked by Michigan, and Penn looks like the best 5-3 team in the land. We talk about all that and more this week. And with Kyle on, do we get a solid Pepperdine 2 Minutes? Yes, of course we do.

We even delve into the FLOP RULE and what it means for college basketball as a whole. That’s right: some serious analysis! Not just 45 minutes of us getting jokes off! (maybe 43 minutes of that instead).

Listen to the whole thing below. Be sure to like, review, subscribe, and all the good stuff that shows us that you love us. Cam put together a handy guide for how to find us on various platforms, so definitely give that a look if you haven’t already. Also, be sure to follow the podcast’s twitter feed (@midmadnesspod) to keep with the pod.

s/o Elijah Campbell for editing