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Podcast: Bracket reactions, First Round picks and Final Four predictions

Get all your tournament takes here.

NCAA Basketball: MAC Conference Tournament - Buffalo vs Bowling Green Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It’s here. It’s finally here. We officially have an NCAA Tournament bracket, and it’s time for us to all make our picks that will inevitably be wrong.

Russ, Chris and Cam convened to discuss all things March Madness shortly after the bracket came out. The following are discussed:

  • We all think mid-majors got a pretty good draw overall
  • Belmont is definitely winning in Dayton and then beating Maryland
  • We make our first round picks for the entire bracket
  • We’re all on the Auburn bandwagon, apparently
  • Everybody makes their Final Four and National Championship predictions
  • We spend a few minutes discussing the NIT, which would be fun
  • There’s about a two minute riff on Jeff Boals’ name at the end that is extremely stupid but you should listen to it anyways

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Listen to the full episode below: