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Podcast: What the hell happened after the Nevada vs. Utah State game?

And some Jerome picks!

NCAA Basketball: Nevada at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

We knew Saturday would be a huge day in college basketball. We had mid-major brackets to determine, the Gonzaga-Saint Mary’s rivalry, and a huge potential trap game for Nevada.

No one counted on the biggest Nevada story being what happened after its loss at Utah State. If you’re not familiar with what happened, go back and catch up before tuning into the podcast.

As of Monday afternoon, neither the Mountain West nor the universities have released statements about it, but we assume they are forthcoming. For now, listen to us wildly speculate. And then talk about the basketball game and what it means for both teams.

With conference tournaments tipping off Monday night, we also preview the first few and give our Jerome picks. Will they be right? lol of course not.

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