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The Other Top 25: Louisiana Tech and Murray State enter in first summer update

NBA Draft entry decisions could still loom large.

NCAA Basketball: Louisiana Tech at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

My sources say the transfer portal is being considered for your favorite player. I am pro-your favorite team and take no pleasure in reporting this.

That’s the reality, however, as now over 620 players plan to transfer, according to Jeff Goodman.

That’s why, just a couple weeks removed from the national championship game, it is time to update our 2019-20 preseason rankings.

There are a few schools we haven’t touched yet, only because we’re awaiting clarity on their futures. For example, Max Hazzard is still considering a return to UC Irvine (however unlikely that may be), so the Anteaters sit at No. 12 for now.

The major changes have come at the bottom of our rankings. The transfer market crushed both Utah Valley and Oakland, making it difficult to argue for either of them to stay included in The Other Top 25. Louisiana Tech and Murray State have taken their spots.

Missouri State also moves up a bit after landing grad transfer Anthony Masinton-Bonner form Colorado State. Remember, the Bears also brought in Lamont West from West Virginia. They could be the early favorites in the Valley for 2019-20.

The next update will likely come once NBA Draft entries are set, though maybe even sooner if the transfer market stays wild. Here’s where we stand now.

The Other Top 25: April 22

  1. Gonzaga
  2. VCU
  3. Saint Mary’s
  4. New Mexico State
  5. Davidson
  6. Utah State
  7. East Tennessee State
  8. Harvard
  9. Vermont
  10. Dayton
  11. Missouri State (up 3)
  12. UC Irvine (down 1)
  13. San Diego State (down 1)
  14. Furman (down 1)
  15. Rhode Island
  16. Wright State
  17. Belmont
  18. Liberty
  19. New Mexico
  20. Western Kentucky (up 1)
  21. BYU (up 1)
  22. Yale (up 1)
  23. UTSA (up 1)
  24. Murray State (enters)
  25. Louisiana Tech (enters)