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NBA Draft 2019: Sacramento Kings draft Wyoming’s Justin James with the 40th overall pick

One of the Mountain West’s best scorers makes his way into the NBA Draft.

NCAA Basketball: Wyoming at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

As far as mid-major selections go, the 2019 NBA Draft has been one rife with some surprising selections. Another such outcome came later in the night as the Sacramento Kings selected the Wyoming CowboysJustin James with the 40th overall pick.

The 6’7 guard has been through some highs and lows with a program that has struggled since making the NCAA Tournament in 2015, but he has personally flourished in that time, posting stellar scoring totals in his final three seasons in Laramie. Indeed, he put up 16, 18.9, and 22.1 points per game in his sophomore, junior, and senior seasons, respectively (even if his efficiency took a bit of a dive in his senior season).

Regardless, James has some upsides, and this point in the draft is the time for taking a chance on players one might see some hidden potential within. Prior to tonight, no one had been talking about James as a potential NBA Draft selection, so something must have obviously stood out to Kings front office members for them to pick him and give Wyoming its first NBA Draft pick since 2015 (and its second since 1995).