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Here’s how to vote for North Texas’s new Super Pit court design

Be sure to vote — but not for the Battle Flag.

NCAA Basketball: North Texas at Georgetown Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The University of North Texas is in need of a new basketball court design. Thankfully, you can have a say in which design the athletics department chooses.

North Texas’s athletic department took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon with three possible designs — dubbed #DivingEagle, #Battle Flag and #LightTheTower — for their incredibly named arena, The Super Pit. Anyone, not just Mean Green fans who will have to look at the court design the most, can cast their vote here.

This begs the question: Which design should Mean Green fans want to win?

Thankfully, anyone with two eyes and a modicum of common sense can deduce that this vote is really a two-horse race between #DivingEagle and #LightTheTower. The simplistic logo on the two-tone hardwood on #DivingEagle is tastefully done, while the #LightTheTower is a unique nod to the university’s tradition of lighting the McConnell Tower green after athletic victories or other special occasions. If you plan on voting, vote for either one of these.

Now it’s time to talk about #BattleFlag, which is objectively awful.

For those unfamiliar with Texas lore, the #BattleFlag design is the Texas state flag with an all-green colorway, slapped lazily on a basketball court. The split-court colors on one basket clash poorly with the trifecta of green shades cluttered on the opposite basket. Not only that, picture a team like Western Kentucky playing on this court. The Super Pit will look like Christmas.

Perhaps this design is the victim of geometry. The Texas flag abides by the rule of thirds, which doesn’t translate well to a basketball court with two halves. Or perhaps the Texas flag is completely overdone at best and actually bad at worst, depending on the viewer’s opinions toward the state of Texas.

Regardless: It’s awful. If you’re going to vote, please vote responsibly by siding with our editorial staff.