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A few name suggestions for Greg Kampe’s new dog

The Oakland ball coach asked, and we delivered.

Oakland University Athletics on Twitter

Greg Kampe, the lovable, longtime Oakland Golden Grizzlies head coach, regularly uses his Twitter account to share his unique musings, a la Washington State football’s Mike Leach. However, he is also known for lending his voice to worthwhile causes, using his account (and the promise of dying his hair pink) to rally donations for breast cancer research.

Friday, Kampe issued a new call to action for his numerous followers:

While the tweet is — as of publish time — far from reaching the 3,000 retweets needed for him to actually adopt the dog, we figured we’d go ahead and compile a list of names for the coach to consider once he takes the puppy home.


In case Kampe wants to honor those who attended the school he has spent decades coaching:

  • David Hasselwuff (Baywatch)
  • Robark Englund (Robert Englund played Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Basketball Players

These are just in case Kampe feels like honoring those who have made an impact on his program:

  • Duke Mudi (Duke Mondy is 4th on the all-time steals list for Oakland)
  • Kay Fetcher (Kay Felder is 3rd in all-time assists for Oakland, and was taken in the second round of the 2016 NBA Draft)
  • Travis Bader (no pun here—he was just really awesome)
  • Daniel Oladalpo (Daniel Oladapo is a sophomore on the current Oakland roster)
  • Briard Gregory (Brian Gregory is the all-time assists leader for the Golden Grizzlies)

Grab Bag

Humor my dumb brain:

  • Growl Kampe
  • SummitLeagueForever
  • Goldilockforatournamentbid