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Can you differentiate between the real schools that Division I teams have scheduled this year and the ones we made up?

A ton of teams have scheduled non-DIs. Here are a bunch of examples and a few that we made up.

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As schools start revealing their non-conference schedules, most fans are finding those rivalry dates to circle, debating which mini-plan to buy, and daydreaming of Saturdays on the couch with college basketball on from noon to midnight.

We’re doing all that too. And more.

Specifically, we’re looking for the worst of the worst. The sub-300 KenPom teams that are filling their non-conference schedules with non-Division I schools. Why, you ask?

I don’t have an answer for you.

It’s a lot of fun though, I promise! Division II and NAIA schools have some really weird names, so we thought we’d put together a little quiz for you. Our friends at the D1 Docket have been tracking non-conference schedules in this handy spreadsheet, and we went through it, league-by-league.

Each question in this quiz is based on one league, with four teams included. Three of them have a real non-DI listed beside their name. The fourth is a school we just made up. CAN YOU SPOT THE IMPOSTER?

Find out:

(If you’re having trouble viewing the quiz, try not using the AMP URL)