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Phoning it in: Here’s a bunch of photos of Handsome Dan

Happy #InternationalDogDay

Ivy League Men’s Lacrosse Championship: Cornell v Yale

I guess you could say we’ve reached the dog days of the offseason.

[crowd throws garbage]

Seriously, though. It’s late August, most of our staff is vacationing on the Mid-Major Madness Yacht (invite only), and there’s not much breaking news. It’s also #InternationalDogDay.

That means we’re just gonna throw a bunch of photos of Yale mascot Handsome Dan on our website and call it a day. You’ll love it.

The Getty and USA Today Gods have blessed us with a dozen quality images of this majestic pup and we’re going to share them with you now.

Look at this very good dog.

And here’s an extra picture of an old Handsome Dan. Good dog.

Male Yale Cheerleader with School Mascot Photo by Jerry Cooke/Corbis via Getty Images

I also recommend you follow Handsome Dan on the Instagrams because, well, it’s glorious. For example, here’s a photo of him photocopying his ass:

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#aprilfools #officepranks

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See you when season previews start, folks. I’ll be on the yacht.