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Can you name these mid-major coaches whose faces we have blurred out?

Forget that the photos are creepy and just play the game, okay?

As the offseason keeps chugging along, we have been training our brains for college basketball season, doing all sorts of mental exercises as a means of getting prepared for the year ahead. For instance, I have been using flashcards to memorize the athletic directors of every Southland Conference school.

However, as a means of ensuring that the fans are still dialed in while being bombarded with a continuous stream of football news and baseball pennant races, we have concocted another quiz to see how well you know some of the mid-major coaches who will stalk the sidelines this season.

There’s only one catch: we have removed their faces.

That’s right. You are going to have to dig deep into the recesses of your brain (where you store the other worthless information you know) to see if you can tell which coach is which, based on their head and hair alone.

Best of luck!

The quiz is linked below. Unfortunately, it is not embeddable (thanks, Sporcle), so just follow the link to be taken to the game.

Can you name the mid-major basketball coaches with blurred faces?