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Morgan State beats Coppin State on last-second 3 as Juan Dixon blasts refs

The Eagles dropped to 1-5 in MEAC play

Coppin State v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

BALTIMORE, MD — After Morgan State lost three times to its arch rival Coppin State last season, Sherwyn Devonish-Prince Jr. hit a game-winning three for the Bears with four seconds to go, lifting them to a 50-48 victory.

Somehow, that wasn’t the most interesting thing that happened.

Soon after the game ended, Eagles coach Juan Dixon paid a visit to the media table, where a pair of MEAC officials were sitting.

Dixon barked at them:

“The officiating is making our league real bad. And I love the MEAC. Our league is real embarrassing,” he said.

He went on to say that Morgan State is one of the most foul-prone teams in the country and should have been called for more than 14 fouls in the game.

The officials seated courtside did not respond to him and got up to leave shortly thereafter.

To be fair, there were a bevy or missed calls throughout the game, making the play aggressive and low scoring. Also, as the video above shows, after the Devonish-Prince shot went in, a whole second ran off the clock before it stopped. What would have been Coppin State’s game-winning heave came shortly after the buzzer sounded.

The game was heated long before that, too. In a game where neither team could buy a bucket and both shot under 30 percent, the coaches were jawing early on, including right before halftime when both staffs exchanged words. No technicals were called in the game.

Coppin State assistant coach Charles Agumagu posted the following image to his Instagram story after the game:

Coppin State is now just 1-5 in the MEAC but should be favored in its next three games — two against Howard and one against Delaware State.