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Podcast: Takeaways from Dayton’s weekend and the ASUN is weird as hell

And of course we have to talk some SoCon

NCAA Basketball: Dayton at Richmond Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back! I had the flu and of course couldn’t trust anyone else to record, so the pod had a brief hiatus. In the meantime, a lot happened. The pod begins on a somber note as Cam and I discuss the passing of Kobe Bryant and his impact on the game. Eventually, though, we did had to discuss mid-major basketball. As weird as it felt to do so.

Cam went and saw Obi Toppin in person and had plenty of takeaways from Dayton’s win over Richmond. He had a great time, but he has one major complaint: RICHMOND PACKED UP ITS BIG INFLATABLE SPIDER BEFORE HE COULD GET A PICTURE. The nerve.

Anyhoo, the ASUN also decided it wants to expand to 20 members so we tried to dissect that, but our discussion probably made as much sense as the press release itself. Also, the SoCon got fun again and CUSA crept closer to flex play so we touched on both of those leagues.

Listen to the whole thing below. Be sure to like, review, subscribe, and all the good stuff that shows us that you love us. Cam put together a handy guide for how to find us on various platforms, so definitely give that a look if you haven’t already. Also, be sure to follow the podcast’s twitter feed (@midmadnesspod) to keep with the pod.