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Mid-Major Madness Podcast: Baseless NCAA Tournament speculation

And the case for 2 mid-major 1 seeds

NCAA Basketball: San Diego State at Utah Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The gang is back, and with conference play heating up, we already know what’s on your mind:

”Can my favorite team get an at-large bid?”


But there are interesting tournament-related threads to follow throughout the next couple months. The 1 seed in the West is going to come down to Gonzaga and San Diego State — and we even make the argument for giving them both 1s. Then there’s the West Coast Conference as a whole and how many NCAA Tournament bids it can pull off. Same for the A-10.

Most importantly, IS THIS THE YEAR WILLIAM & MARY DANCES??? If that happens, we can only assume it’s because Cam is now a student there (the good law boy) and you should all thank him and send him presents.

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