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Come work with us! We’re looking for writers and editors to join Mid-Major Madness.

We don’t bite (that costs extra).

Russell Steinberg

We are so damn close to the college basketball season, friends. So. Damn. Close.

Here at Mid-Major Madness, we are hard at work getting our season previews ready and making sure we are set for what’s sure to be a wild season.

We can use your help.

Mid-Major Madness is looking to bring two new members on board: one to pitch in as an editor and the other to run the show on social media. Please note that just because you may fill one role does not mean you’re prohibited from helping elsewhere — we want everyone to be able to write, tweet, podcast, and do whatever makes them happy!

Here’s a little bit about each role and how to apply if you think you’re a good fit:


Summary: Mid-Major Madness seeks an editor who can work directly with the site manager and other site editors to produce daily content on


  • Edit and proofread stories submitted by contributors for accuracy, style, and structure
  • Assist in planning weekly content calendars and assigning stories
  • Contribute to bigger-picture initiatives to help grow the Mid-Major Madness brand
  • Write at least one article per week
  • Participate on weekly podcasts
  • Occasionally assist in building the Mid-Major Madness brand on social media

Prior experience as an editor and daytime availability are both preferred. The position offers a monthly stipend.


Social Media/Community Manager:

Summary: Mid-Major Madness seeks a social media and community manager who can continue to elevate the site’s presence and grow its audience.


  • Manage day-to-day content on Mid-Major Madness’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels
  • Design graphics to go with editorial content
  • Keep up with daily social media trends and involve Mid-Major Madness when appropriate
  • Grow social audiences across channels and facilitate discussion on and off our website
  • Monitor comments on stories and flag any that may be inappropriate or warrant response
  • Occasionally participate on podcasts and produce written content

Prior experience running social media for a blog, website, brand, or team preferred. Proficiency in photoshop preferred. Daytime availability preferred. The position offers a monthly stipend.