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The Silver Sword is back, pandemic be damned

Make your picks. Prove you’re smarter than we are.

NCAA Basketball: Maui Invitational Preview Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If there is a season, there is a sword.

The game that I force on you every year is back, and it’s time for you to play and prove that you are smarter than the Mid-Major Madness staff (you probably are). This is the sixth annual Silver Sword competition, and while there are some pandemic-related changes, the general idea stays the same: Pick the winners of the November multi-team events (MTEs).


Because of the bevy of changes to college basketball schedules this year, there aren’t nearly as many bracket-style MTEs. You’ll still pick the champions of the ones that remain. That hasn’t changed. But this is a game that draws over 600 players per year, so that’s not going to be enough. I threw in some individual games to pick from the round-robin MTEs that will test your basketball savvy from the lowest low-majors to the blue bloods. There are even a couple women’s games in there too because guess what — you should know about the top 10 teams in the country.

The scoring is explained in the entry form, but if you’re too lazy to read that, here’s a summary: You pick the winners of the games or MTEs and gain points based on how good the team you picked is supposed to be. You can go for the favorites, which are worth fewer points but obviously have a higher chance of success, or take some risks for a bigger payoff. Your call.

There are contingencies in place in case schedules change. They tend to do that, it seems.

Enter here and remember to spread the word on social media. The more people who play, the better! Use #6ilverSword as well because it’s the cool, hip thing to make numbers letters on the Internet.