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Samford scored 174 points. Yes, 174

Look, I couldn’t believe it either, but it is real. So let’s dissect this funky boxscore.

NCAA Basketball: Samford at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

There is something special about a wild boxscore, especially on college basketball’s opening night.

First, you can’t believe what you’re reading. Then comes the acceptance that yes, a team did indeed score 174 points in a 40-minute college basketball game. It’s almost like processing grief but not nearly as serious.

Somehow Samford went out and put up 174 points against Division III Greenville, which still found a way to score 99! The hosting Bulldogs scored 99 in the first half and a more respectable 75 in the second half.

Still don’t believe me? Well, see for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I find this glorious.

The #BuckyBall era really has gotten off to a blistering start for the Samford Bulldogs in coach Bucky McMillan’s first season — maybe giving the SoCon a team to worry about? Before anyone says “It was against a D-III team it doesn’t mean anything!” I don’t care. This is amazing.

Samford forced 41 turnovers and scored 64 points off said turnovers. The Bulldogs press most of the time, leading to some issues for the visiting Panthers. Pretty hard to stop a team from scoring when you cough up the ball 41 times.

Apparently this happened a lot.

Let’s go deeper.

How does a team even get to 174 aside from forcing a bakery’s worth of turnovers? Well, having 10 different players score in double digits helps.

Myron Gordon led all scorers with 28 points on 10-of-13 shooting from the field to go along with three treys and eight assists. Jacob Tryon had a hyper-efficient double-double with 18 points on 9-of-11 shooting and 12 boards.

Samford took a whopping 111 shots, making 71 of the attempts. The funniest part of the boxscore? Somehow it could have been much higher.

Samford went 12-of-21 from the foul stripe while Greenville shot a less-than-average 23-of-35. While Samford didn’t lead wire-to-wire, instead trailing for a critical five seconds, it was clearly a moment on the first night of hoops.

Raining treys

There was a combined 88 treys chucked in the high scoring affair, which on the surface looks like a stat right out of a lopsided rec-league tourney.

Samford went a solid 20-of-42 from deep as nine players found the bottom of the net from beyond the arc, while Greenville went 16-of-46.

Living in the lane

Apparently even if Samford literally missed all 42 of its attempts from deep, it still would have had hypothetically enough points to win after scoring 101 points inside the paint. Fans of the 1950s era of basketball would be proud (not of the 88 attempts from deep, the bully ball inside).

Bench production

As if things couldn’t line up any better: Samford’s bench scored the exact same amount of points as the entire Greenville roster. A solid 99.

Here’s the full box score, have some fun with the absurdity.