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Podcast: Over-reacting to Northern Iowa, Western Kentucky, and Richmond

Gonzaga’s really freakin’ awesome too.

NCAA Basketball: Bluegrass Showcase-Morehead State vs Richmond Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no better time to make reckless claims about the quality of college basketball teams than after precisely five (5) days. It’s science.

Western Kentucky and Richmond are awesome. Northern Iowa stinks. Gonzaga is basically the ‘96 Bulls. Most importantly: Grant Golden remains our son.

Sam Newberry joined me again this week and social media editor Hannah Butler made her podcast debut to help break it all down. Hannah is a UNI student/Panther aficionado (aficionada?), so we let her delve into UNI’s 0-3 start, including how it happened and what Ben Jacobson has to do to get his team back on track. Meanwhile, Sam continued to have his massive crush on the entire Atlantic 10 and I talked about how Division III Greenville loves to give up hundreds of points to Division I mid-major teams.

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