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Mid-major teams as Golden Girls GIFs

Damn they’re good

The Golden Girls Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Hi, it’s me, Stan Russ.

Picture it: The Internet, 2020. I spent Sunday night riling up our Twitter followers with such outlandish statements as “wear a mask” and “do things that might keep other people safe.” So in order to win back the masses, I made a joke and then followed it up by spamming everyone’s timeline into oblivion.

I then followed it up with a bunch of GIFs that people seemed to enjoy, but I’m no yutz. I’m a man of my word and will now put them into a story so that the Google overlords can decide who gets to click on it.

So here’s the list I came up with along with the best user submissions:


Charleston Southern

Cleveland State

Every team on Cam’s The Other Top 25 Ballot

Illinois State and Utah State

New Mexico State

Northern Arizona

Northern Iowa

Northern Kentucky

Oakland, but this would also work for Charleston Southern




Saint Mary’s

San Diego State

St. Olaf (Division III)

Stephen F. Austin

Stephen F. Austin, again


The best teams in the Atlantic 10



And finally, my masterpiece, William & Mary