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Podcast: Soothing candle talk to get you through these trying times

Introducing the Camtehrion Collection

College basketball is gone. Sport writ large has been cancelled. More importantly, life as we know it has been altered in ways that are beyond frightening. There’s not much for us to talk about right now because, well, nothing basketball-related really seems all that important.

Tehr and I decided to put together this podcast episode as a sort of diversionary method to get our minds off of the current situation that has wrought tremendous uncertainty. Hopefully you’ll enjoy us spending an hour discussing candles (hereafter referred to as “Camdles”), and hopefully you’ll subscribe and keep listening so we have an excuse to continue ruminating on other wonderful innocuous elements of life.

In this episode, we pondered why we burn candles in the first place — what that physical act of setting fire to a piece of cotton and melting colorful wax does for us as individuals.

In a less metaphysical section, we discussed my time working at Yankee Candle, my favorite (and most hated) aromas available there, candles we’re actually burning right now, and candles already sitting in our online shopping carts because we’re wanting them so much.

Give this episode a listen. If you’re self-isolating and already going crazy, just play this really loud in your apartment and pretend you’ve got company over! If that doesn’t work, it’s at least an hour to think about something other than the world around us.

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