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Did we just post #EXTENDMOONEY into existence?

The Richmond coach is reportedly set to receive a contract extension.

NCAA Basketball: Dayton at Richmond Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Talks are underway for a potential contract extension for Richmond head coach Chris Mooney, according to John O’Connor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Mooney, who has been with the Richmond Spiders for 15 seasons, coached the Spiders to a 24-7 record this year, and many believe his team would have made the NCAA Tournament had the event not been cancelled.

This season’s success has seemed to silence many of those who had been clamoring for Mooney’s termination as recently as last year, going so far as to purchase billboard space in order to catch the university’s attention.

If only someone had seen this coming. If only someone had been posting about this very possibility since November, when everyone picked Richmond to finish sixth in the A10. If only someone had posted this whole thing into existence by sending a deluge of #EXTENDMOONEY tweets into your timeline until you finally, at long last, showed yourself an iota of mercy and muted us.

Oh wait. We did. Allow us this victory lap.

Long after the world stops turning — eons beyond the twilight of human civilization, Chris Mooney will continue prowling the Richmond sidelines, demanding backdoor cuts and three-point attempts until the planet is at long last masticated by the remorseless sun. It is inevitable. Embrace it now.