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WATCH: Jackson State manager Thomas “Snacks” Lee steals the show on senior night

The world’s most interesting snack connoisseur stole senior night.

NCAA Basketball: Jackson State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

When thinking about snacks, there’s variety. You have your sweet snacks like ice cream, candy, snack cakes. Then you have your salty snacks like chips and dip, popcorn, and even some pizza and wings.

Hold on, I’m supposed to be talking about basketball?

Oh right, Thomas “Snacks” Lee is a basketball student manager at Jackson State. On JSU’s senior night against Arkansas Pine-Bluff, he suited up. And what he did next shook the arena and landed him in the hearts of many.

Yep, that’s right.


No easy pass or special play needed, HE WENT TO SELF CHECKOUT.

The sound of the net was louder than the cash register on your weekly snacks run.

The crowd went crazy, social media went crazy, but for Snacks, it was another day in the office.