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The Mid-Major Madness Bracket: Selection Show

It’s time.

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The Sacramento Bee/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Hello everyone. By now, you’re probably tired of “simulated bracket” posts, but hopefully we have something that’ll pique your interest at Mid-Major Madness. If you need an explanation, please refer you to this very real press release.

We have officially created an NCAA Tournament bracket with mid-major* teams only, and are proud to release it to you:

*that is, uh, teams from mid-major conferences.

We are planning for the tournament to be simulated using an aggregation of KenPom numbers on a Google Sheet. You won’t be able to follow the games live, but that’s where the imagination comes in.

Right Side


These all have specific locations as well!

We’re going to start rolling out the first round sometime this week. Before that happens, be sure to listen to the exhaustive Selection Show that Garrett and I recorded! Should we have prepared this last week? Probably. Does it matter? No.

Here’s the podcast:

Stay safe out there!