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Podcast: A look at the remaining undefeated teams

From Gonzaga to The Citadel, minus Alabama State. For now.

NCAA Basketball: Winthrop at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

With reduced schedules, constant pauses, and more, teams have not played as many games as they normally would have by mid-January. This has left us with a handful of undefeated teams, and some of them with a real chance of finishing the season unblemished. We take a look at each one of them (minus Alabama State, sorry) and talk about their chances moving forward.

Does anyone think Gonzaga will lose? What should the committee do with an undefeated Winthrop? How the hell good is The Citadel, anyway?

After that, we move on to Dayton and try to make sense of the Flyers’ outlook as Atlantic 10 play rolls on, before heading out west to have some fun at Hannah’s expense and let Lance talk about his glory days playing basketball at Ability360.

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