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Florida A&M is the last D-I team without an official schedule release

The season starts in 19 days

Courtesy, Florida A&M

At the strike of 1:29 a.m. easter standard time, the Hartford Hawks shocked the college basketball world with a schedule release.

Why did it come so late? Maybe the school and its admins didn’t want to showcase the program at a time when people in their timezone would actually see the tweet. Social media scheduling is hard after all. We may never know the answer.

Yet somehow, per the No. 1 source for college basketball scheduling The D1 Docket (@TheD1Docket) over on the old bird app, Hartford’s post-midnight scheduled tweet isn’t the final full schedule release.

No, that dubious distinction belongs to Florida A&M.

With 19 days until the start of college basketball on Monday, Nov. 7, the Rattlers of the SWAC have yet to release their schedule. They will be No. 363 of 363 D-I teams to do so, having been beaten to the release by notable powerhouses Maryland-Eastern Shore, Morgan State and Idaho State (which was the first mid-major team to release a full schedule per D1 Docket).

While there isn’t a schedule, there is this happening:

Maybe they decide to drop the schedule along with the fancy shoes? Sounds too obvious to me. Here are some totally realistic, not fake, absolutely real reasons that could be why the schedule isn’t anywhere to be found:

  • The schedule was lost in the mail: Look, we see what is going on with the U.S. Postal Service, it could happen to anybody. *Glares at Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.
  • Performance anxiety: Again, can happen to anyone. Let’s be patient and the schedule will be ready when feels comfortable. Don’t rush it.
  • Purposeful to build the most suspense: If this is all for the bit, then I am in. Clearly it worked now that I am writing content about it.

I, like all of the college basketball world, am on the edge of my seat awaiting the fabled Florida A&M schedule drop.

Editor’s note: Do yourself a favor and go through D1 Docket’s thread with literally all the schedule release tweets. It is college basketball theatre at its finest.