What is the best sports video game ever

Video games are awesome and sports games are even better. We all have our favorites ranging from FIFA, NBA2K, Madden and the soon-to-be rereleased NCAA football game in about two years. There are also racing games that can be thrown into the mix as what is considered the best video game ever.

Check out the greatest sports video game of all time with a list of our few favorites.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

I knew very little about skateboarding or the game namesake in Tony Hawk but didn't matter and it would change my life forever. Countless tricks, moves, sick air. Manuals were my personal favorite, always extending my trick combos for amazing scores.

Graffiti or HORSE were too very fun and tough games to pick throw and choose. Collecting the tapes to unlock some amazing footage of the legends in the skate world. Burnquist, Campbell, Glifberg, Lasek, Muska, and many more. Each with its own set of attributes. Grinding around bowls and nailing 900s became a daily thing I would never dare do in real life but an instant favorite to watch or play.

NFL Street

This was basically like NBA Jam for football and it was a blast or really NBA Street which is a fun game. NFL Street was on the shelves in 2004 in all of its 7-on-7 amazing glory and it turned the arcade-style gameplay of games like NFL Blitz up a notch by taking the games out of the arena and onto sandy beaches to backlots to just playing in the street.

Throughout the game, touchdowns and taunts would earn extra bonus points on the way to the legendary Gamebreaker, which made your team and players an unstoppable force for a brief moment. A challenge mode allowed you to work your way up the competitive ladder completing challenges and stealing players from teams and legends like Barry Sanders or Walter Payton along the way to build your ultimate squad.

NCAA Football 14

This was the last NCAA college football game that has been released, which is a damn shame, but the good news it will be back in a few years. The whole NCAA Football series has delivered plenty of classic games, but this 2014 takes the cake here for everything that was involved. This game has everything for a college football fan, from the gameplay to the super in-depth dynasty mode and conference realignment.

Want to know how much people love this game? It costs as much as any new game on the next gen consoles, if not more. It’s still crazy popular and for good reason. Also, we couldn’t talk about this game without giving a shout-out to Coach Duggs and Barstool Big Cat, who has brought the epicness of the game back into full light with his nightly streams on Twitch.

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