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Let’s grade a bunch of college basketball preseason rankings

You’ll never guess who I actually agree with

Mid-Major Madness

Grade: B- (Too much L*b*r*y and ScamCanyon)

OK, yes, I am starting with my own site. Hear me out, I don’t actually vote in the Preseason Other Top 25 — but go yell at us about why your team isn’t ranked where it should over on Twitter/BlueSky about it please.

The poll is solid, don’t get me wrong. Placing everyone’s favorite Owls, Florida Atlantic, at No. 1 is no-notes perfect. I even agree with the placing of San Diego State at No. 2, even though I personally would have Saint Mary’s above them.

No, my issue lies here: No. 13 Grand Canyon and No. 17 L*b*r*y. I have qualms with each of those schools that currently have the Department of Education fining them into oblivion, and I chose to not separate the athletics from the greedy and unethical ways of the “academic” institutions each claims to be.

CBS Sports

Grade: D+ (I find your faith in Matt Painter off putting)

This list is a one-man show by Matt Norlander, unlike some of the rankings I have listed here, so I give Matt ton’s of credit here. But where I draw the line, is placing noted-upset prone Purdue at No. 1.

Also Owls at 15 is simply too understandable.

The Messenger

Grade: A (Oh my God I agree with Jeff Goodman)

I don’t really understand what The Messenger is or why is using AI to rid itself of click bait through a weird and not-at-all partnership with artificial intelligence company Seekr, but Jeff Goodman and Seth Davis write for it now.

And, I can’t believe I am typing this sentence, I agree with Jeff. Both he and Seth placed FAU at No. 7 in their rankings, daring enough to place the upstart Owls in their top 10, Saint Mary’s at 11, and San Diego State 19. That is higher than anyone else we will mention in this blog.


Sports Illustrated

Grade: C+ (Meh)

In the opposite vein as The Messenger, here we see a site pick Saint Mary’s just outside its top 25, but I give some credit here because SI went and ranked every single men’s basketball program and even wrote a few blurbs on a bunch of teams. This was also a one-man show by the author.

The ranking of Weber State at 126 is stellar, as the team to beat in the Big Sky that also houses the my personal pick for “best mid-major player you likely haven’t heard of” in Dillon Jones. SI also went with Chicago State at 301, written before the Bewley bros’ fate to play this season remains in question, but it isn’t looking good. Good effort.


Grade: B+ (Solid work)

Owls at 10. Nice work. Saint Mary’s at 14. Nicer work. San Diego State at 20, solid.

I respect this list.

Field of 68

Grade: F (Why)

The Field of 68, Goodman’s other media thing with Rob Dauster, is a college basketball content machine and apparently that means releasing a preseason top 25 over the course of literally 25 days.