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PSA: Broadcasters, don’t yell at players about your parlay

Wednesday night’s Barstool Sports Invitational game between Florida Atlantic and Loyola-Chicago went about as you’d expect

NCAA Basketball: Florida Atlantic at Loyola-Chicago David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Are we really shocked this happened?

Barstool Sports — the totally not slimy, trashy, frat-boy laden “sports” media company featuring a cartoonishly awful founder/owner — has dipped its degeneracy into college basketball with the Barstool Sports Invitational. The two-game MTE featured No. 10 Florida Atlantic vs. Loyola-Chicago and Arizona State vs. Mississippi State.

It went about as you’d expect.

During the winding moments of the FAU-Loyola game, while the Owls led by double digits, Barstool personality/owner/founder Dave Portnoy — a 46-year-old grown man — and Dan “Big Cat” Katz — another grown ass adult in his mid-30s — began to yell at the players — college students, keep in mind — to shoot it, because of bets on the game.

“Foul, foul, foul, that was a foul, foul, foul,” he rambled while the Owls were simply trying to wind down the clock and get out with a win and not run up the score for a gambler’s sake.

“Goddammit,” he added, placing his hands over his mouth. “Shoot it, Davis, shoot it.”

That was all within seconds of each other and went on for the remainder of the game. He and his co-host did the same shtick during the ASU and Mississippi State game.

Watch the entire clip, posted on Twitter by CBS Sports writer Kyle Boone:

For reference, that was just two snippets totaling just over two minutes from 80 minutes of college basketball. Those who watched noted that it went on for the majority of the broadcast.

Sports gambling is legal in much of the country and is getting legalized in more and more states. Sure. But, this is flat unprofessional from a broadcast crew. My qualms with sports betting content being pushed into all sports shows, the ad partnerships every single sports media outlet seems to have (glares inwardly SBNation), and the near-endless commercials aimed to get newbies hooked to lose money on parlay after parlay, aside, this shit sucks.

Have a shred of decency, which I understand is a lot to ask from the company that has made unbelievable amounts of money while peddling racist, sexist, homophobic remarks — all by its founder, nonetheless.

And, once again, somehow I am on the same side as Jeff Goodman: