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We might see an arm wrestling match between mid-major commissioners at the Final Four

The final tiebreaker in the Big Sky - Summit League challenge is as unique as it gets.

Graphic by Lance Hartzler.

Tiebreakers can be a pain.

A pain for fans. A pain for journalists and bloggers trying to detail said tiebreakers to fans. And a pain for players and teams (see NBA player’s reactions to the point differential tiebreaker in the NBA’s In-Season Tournament for instance).

How does this all apply to mid-major college basketball now? Glad you asked! The Big Sky - Summit League challenge begins in early January and the league’s released some more info on the inaugural conference duel. The point that drew my attention, the tiebreakers that determine which conference wins.

First tiebreaker, pretty standard: total margin of victory.

Second tiebreaker, it gets a bit macho: “ ... the two commissioners will compete in an arm-wrestling contest at the Final Four to determine the champion.”

That’s right, Big Sky commish Tom Wistrcill and Summit League commish Josh Fenton would meet at the Final Four in Glendale, Arizona, in late spring to determine the winner of the league challenge.

If it happens, I request a One Shining Moment dedication to it.